It's Not Over: Structural Drivers of the Global Economic Crisis

Author: Rohit
2006 Fulbright Doctoral and Professional Research Fellow

About the book: The book brings the real economy into focus and unravels how increased income and wealth inequalities have contributed to instability in the U.S. and, thereafter, the world economy.

Year of publication: 2013

The Invisible World: Poems by Indra Shah

Author: Manoj Chhaya
2011 Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant

About the book: This is the second volume of Indra Shah's poems translated into English from Gujarati. Published under a Gujarat Sahitya Academy initiative, the volume presents the original Gujarati text and its English translation, and thus caters to the readers of both the languages as the Gujarati poems in this volume get anthologized for the first time. However the primary language of this publication is English. The volume also includes Indra Shah’s paintings and selected criticism and responses to his poetry. His first collection of poems translated into English has been published in 2007 (Gorakhgopalam and Other Poems).

Year of publication: 2019

Ashram Schools: Teacher Context and Challenges

Author: Jyoti Bawane
2008 Fulbright Senior Research Scholar

About the book: The book makes an effort to decribe the profile of Ashram school teachers of Pune district of Maharashtra. Attempt has also been made to reveal their level of job satisfaction and challenges they face while working in these schools.

Year of publication: 2012

Mother, Where’s My Country?

Author: Anubha Bhonsle
2015 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow

About the book: The book examines the tangled and tragic history of Manipur, and of much of India’s North East. Through the story of Irom Sharmila—on a protest fast since 2000—and many others who have fallen victim to violence or despair or stood up to fight for peace and justice, the author shows us an entire society ravaged by insurgency and counter-insurgency operations, corruption and ethnic rivalries.

Year of publication: 2016

Humane Approach to Urban Planning

Author: Priya Samir Choudhary
2011 Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral and Professional Research Fellow

About the book: The book is an effort to evolve and present a humane approach for planning practices in India. The planning approach followed in India, mostly ignores the cultural peculiarities, habits, preferences of Indian users.

Year of publication: 2015

Analysis of Pavement Structures

Author: Animesh Das
2010 Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Scholar

About the book: The book brings together current research and existing knowledge on the analysis and design of pavements. It provides a platform for the readers to understand the basic principles of physics and mechanics involved in pavement analyses.

Year of publication: 2014

Beyond Developmentality: Constructing Inclusive Freedom and Sustainability

Author: Debal Deb
2009-2010 Fulbright-Nehru Environmental Leadership Program Fellow

About the book: The book traces the origin and development of the concept of development in the economic context, and suggests a way to achieving post-industrial development with zero industrial growth. The book argues that sustainable development is possible only when concerns for biodiversity and human development are put at the centre of the economy and social policy.

Year of publication: 2009

Handbook of Indian Economy in the 21st Century: Understanding the Inherent Dynamism

Author: Ashima Goyal
2004 Fulbright Senior Research Scholar

About the book: The book has contributions from leading scholars and policymakers on Indian economy and helps understand puzzles in the performance of the Indian economy, such as high growth despite structural weaknesses.

Year of publication: 2014

Education, Poverty and Gender: Schooling Muslim Girls in India

Author: Latika Gupta
2008 Fulbright Doctoral Research Fellow

About the book: The book investigates the nature of identity formation among economically backward adolescent Muslim girls in northern India by focusing on the interstitial spaces of the ‘home’ and ‘school’. It examines issues of religion, patriarchy and education, to interrogate the relationship between pedagogy and religion in South Asia.

Year of publication: 2015

Subaltern Vision: A Study in Postcolonial Indian English Text

Author: Ujjwal Jana
2007 Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

About the book: The book offers a stimulating collection of essays primarily devoted to literary representations of subaltern issues by Indian novelists writing in English and with a particular focus on gender, nation and language. It brings together essays on two writers who have been frequently associated with subaltern concerns, Amitav Ghosh and Mahasweta Devi, discussions of other internationally acclaimed writers, such as Kiran Desai, Rohinton Mistry and Khushwant Singh, whose work also deals with disparities in Indian society and the problematics of representing this.

Year of publication: 2012