Student Memberships

Update: Our new annual and short-term student memberships will be offered at all EducationUSA@USIEF offices from April 1, 2018. Please contact us for more information.


The EducationUSA centers at USIEF recognize the importance of the personal touch in advising students. USIEF’s comprehensive student membership program is a reasonably priced service that pays our student members rich dividends. Our members regularly get admitted to the top U.S. colleges and universities, many of them with scholarships and financial aid.

Members receive access to comprehensive resources on the U.S. university admissions process and personalized advising services from highly qualified U.S. State Department-trained EducationUSA advisers. USIEF guides students throughout the admission process and helps students to enhance their application and create a compelling admissions package.

Our individualized services, accumulated knowledge, and first-hand expertise with the U.S. university admissions process are highly valued by students during the stressful applications process.

The USIEF annual student membership program for students costs Rs 10,000  including GST. Members are entitled to the following benefits)

  • Individualized counseling sessions with an EducationUSA Advisor (by appointment). During these sessions, advisers guide students through the complex process of applying to U.S. universities (choosing a degree program, selecting colleges, preparing an application package, accepting an admission offer, applying for a U.S. visa, etc)
  • Invitation to specialized sessions on the U.S. application process
  • Extended access to the advising library during USIEF working hours (beyond the hours for which the same is open to the general public)
  • Access to specialized test preparation software for preparing for standardized tests
  • Invitations to question and answer sessions with U.S. Embassy Consular officers during the visa application process
Short-term student membership program valid for 6 months costs Rs.4,000 including GST.

Contact USIEF office by email to receive a membership form.

For any query on U.S. higher education, call us on our EdUSA toll-free hotline 1800-103-1231 between 2pm and 5pm (Monday-Friday)