Mithra Thiruchangu, University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law, LLM Legal recourse!

aswath-suryanarayananI went into legal practice right after completing my undergraduate degree in 2019. But just as I was getting accustomed to being a litigating lawyer the pandemic brought life, as we know it, to a standstill. After a whole year of working from home I decided that it would be the right time to pursue a master’s degree. Since my practice was focused on Trademark Law and Intellectual Property Rights, I decided to pursue my LL.M. in Intellectual Property.

I applied to the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law (UNH Franklin Pierce) given its leading program in IP Law and its competitive tuition fees. In August of 2021, I finally reached the state capital of Concord, New Hampshire. From the bustling city of Chennai to the small, quiet, student town of Concord was a dramatic shift, but I settled in rather quickly.

Once classes began, it became livelier and rather busy as I participated in many welcome events and club activities. These activities kept me on my toes, in addition to my classes. The best thing about UNH Franklin Pierce is the intimate student community. The law campus is located separately from the main UNH campus, so it is easy to interact with and get to know the people on campus – including staff and professors. This community feeling encouraged me to take up multiple roles at UNH Franklin Pierce.

I am active in community events, and I have taken up multiple leadership roles on campus, such as being the co-president and a founding member of the UNH Asian Pacific American Law Student Association. This group provides international Asian students a community space and initial point of contact to help ease them into campus life. I am also the class governor for the LLM students and actively take part in the Student Bar Association activities on campus.

The highlight of my LLM so far has been the International Seminars that I organize under the guidance of our professors. Student speakers are invited to talk about their countries. Topics include indigenous culture, laws, or cultural festivals from around the world. My favorite part of being at UNH Franklin Pierce is the never-ending community events, seminars and discussions that happen on campus.

Apart from my IP courses, I have taken a couple of undergraduate courses as well to qualify for the New York State Bar exam next year. Despite the intense few months, I have been able to manage my time well. When I am not studying or participating in campus events, I spend my time travelling to nearby cities, trying out new restaurants, hanging out at art museums or hiking at one of the many beautiful hiking trails in and around New Hampshire.

Being in a classroom of diverse students and engaging with the community has given me a broad perspective of legal systems, culture and a good understanding of challenges faced by various countries around the world. As a lawyer, this global view is invaluable. I am having a fulfilling experience at UNH Franklin Pierce, and I am sure my time here will serve me well as I move forward in my career.


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