Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship

The Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship Program strives to build long-term capacity to address climate change related issues by engaging scientific and technical research scholars from both India and the United States.


For research or teaching, or a combination of research and teaching activities related to climate studies. Teaching can include co-teaching, guest lectures, workshops, seminars. Depending on the department, it is likely that the grantee will also work with faculty, developing curriculum and conducting workshops and seminars. Applicant may determine percentage of the grant dedicated to each activity and should define this clearly in the project abstract/summary and the project statement. Opportunities for guest lectures at other universities may also be available.


In addition to being a prestigious academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program is designed to expand and strengthen relationships between the people of the United States and citizens of other nations and to promote international understanding and cooperation. To support this mission, Fulbright Scholars will be asked to give public talks, mentor students, and otherwise engage with the host community, in addition to their primary activities.


Duration: Four to nine months


Language: For research, basic knowledge of a local language in the location of research can be an advantage. For teaching, all instruction is in English.


Candidate profile: Awards are open to practicing professionals and faculty of any academic rank. Applications from all disciplines will be considered.


Deadline: September 15


Additional information:

Please visit https://fulbrightscholars.org/ for grant benefit details and application procedures.